About Us


Meet Kathy,
Tracy & Heather

We are three sisters who are very close in age. We grew up in Alberta and enjoyed spending time together as kids. Now, we’ve teamed up on more than just making mud pies in the backyard; we’ve created an incredible and unique cannabis shopping experience in west Edmonton. Our family-owned approach to cannabis retail is simple: giv people a relaxed and friendly experience while they shop for high-quality cannabis products.

Our Mission

At Clairs Cannabis, it’s our mission to provide competitively priced cannabis products to Edmontonians. We’re committed to the responsible sale of cannabis products, and to making our customers’ days just a little brighter with great service and expert advice.

Our Vision

As we become known for our knowledgeable staff, relaxed atmosphere, and amazing products, Clairs Cannabis will create new opportunities for our customers to buy their cannabis from a local, family-operated business. We hope to see you in other locations around Edmonton shortly!

Our Values

We believe every business should have high standards and values. When a business has those they can serve clients best.


Spending time with those we love makes us stronger.

Social Responsibility

The best experiences are fun, safe, and feel good all around.


Positive change is great, but so is meeting and exceeding expectations.